Gene Tempest


240 mins. PBS. SEPTEMBER 2021 
episode one: writer
Parables for today from the original creator of new journalism... Battle royale for the soul of our news. Directed by Stephen Ives and Amanda Pollak. Produced by Amanda Pollak and Gene Tempest.

“superb and hugely entertaining” - Newsday 
“thoroughly engaging” - SF Chronicle

American Veteran

240 mins. PBS. NOVEMBER 2021
co-written with Stephen Ives
A four-part series animated by the powerful testimony of veterans from our wars. Witness the stories of men and women from every military branch. A timely, intimate investigation of our changing military. Directed by Leah Williams and Stephen Ives.

The Great War

360 mins. PBS. APRIL 2017
The 6-hour television event that marked the 100th anniversary of our entry into WWI. A long forgotten lesson in American power, hope, and hubris. Directed by Stephen Ives, Amanda Pollak, and Rob Rapley.

“detailed and entertaining” - New York Times
“enormously absorbing” - Wall Street Journal
“sprawling and engrossing” - TV Guide